Frequently Asked Questions

Reiki is a form of healing that uses universal energy/universal life force to heal the body from physical and emotional pain or trauma.  The Reiki practitioner is the vessel for this energy and directs the energy to various parts of the clients body and focuses on healing and releasing any negative, stagnant energy.

The practitioner will discuss with you some areas in your life that may be causing some stress and ask if you have any physical pain you'd like us to focus on.  As this is not a massage, you will remain fully clothed and the only areas the practitioner might touch with permission are your knees and feet. Using traditional Usui Reiki positions the practitioner will hover their hands over 12 areas of your body for about 3 minutes each and spend any additional time on areas that may need extra time. After the session, you and the practitioner can discuss how you feel after the session as well as what was felt or seen during the session. You will feel calmer, more relaxed and will be able to enjoy a very restful sleep the first night after your session.

The practitioner will discuss with you if you would prefer to do the session together over Zoom/phone, or there is an option for the Reiki practitioner to send you Reiki healing energy and can message you the start and end time you will be receiving this energy. We recommend that you be available to receive the energy when you are in a calm meditative state thus, we recommend doing the session together. You will still receive the same healing benefits as an in-person session, feeling more relaxed, calmer and enjoy a deep restful sleep the first night after your Reiki session. 

Currently we’re offering three different methods of Reiki

Mobile: We come to you, in the comfort of your own home! We will bring our portable table and pillows and set up wherever you’re able to have a quite relaxing session.

-Rannu available for Burnaby and surrounding areas
-Simran available for Surrey and surrounding areas

⦁ In studio: We’re offering in studio session in Brookswood, Langley effective May 2023.

Distance: If you’re outside Vancouver B.C lower mainland or not able to book an in-person session we offer distance Reiki sessions. We can either offer an online session (Zoom or phone call) where we can connect at the same time. You will just need to relax and after the session we can discuss anything that comes up during the session. Or if due to the time difference that is not possible, we can send Reiki to you at a time convenient for us and we can email you the details of the sessions (what time Reiki was sent and any messages from spirit guides that may come up during the session). You receive the same benefits of an in person session.